Reflect on
Light and Shadow

The design team views architecture as an opportunity to connect people with the world around them. The simplicity of a dark façade invites homes to assimilate with the green landscape — this restrained approach to design enhances the visual impact.

Light and shadow change the dynamic of The Collection’s exterior surfaces and interior spaces. Each home is uniquely oriented, subtly shifted to reflect the light in ways that are different than its neighbour.


David Battersby & Heather Howat


“The best architecture is architecture that invites inhabitation – it isn’t imposing. In order to be inviting, you need to have things be quite quiet, simple and consistent. When there’s less visual clutter and less visual noise, there’s more of you.”

– David Battersby

The Layers of a
Meaningful Home

Homes are carefully positioned on the terrain not only to enhance light and views, but also to be mindful of the land. British Pacific Properties considers themselves stewards of the natural environment and have taken extra measures to accentuate sustainability.

Homes offer exceptional energy performance by utilizing significantly reduced carbon foot print heating and cooling technology and on-site generated solar power. With high thermal insulation and low energy consumption, The Collection will set a new benchmark for performance for a British Pacific Properties-built home.

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Your Personal Relationship
With the Outdoors

The rugged forest merges with your backyard area, and impressive granite outcroppings rise just beyond your indoor living space. Located at the upper limit of residential development, only the West Coast forest will live behind you — for as long as you call this home.

Style Influences
Emotion and Mood

The bathrooms, from ensuites to powder rooms, are designed to evoke a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Tones and textures beautifully come together in spaces that are unequivocally stylish and functional.

Awaken in an expansive mountainside sanctuary to the sound of birdsong and fathomless views.

Artistic Expressions
Inspired by the Coast

Three highly curated colour palettes speak to your individuality, with each uniquely complementing the different degrees of light filtering through spaces from day to night. Frost is a bright and airy compilation of warm whites, Mist evokes a calmness with a muted palette and soft contrasts between shades of grey, and Vivid is a dramatic scheme that honours deep juxtapositions.

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