Where West Vancouver Opens to the Sky

An Intimacy Materializes
Between Nature and Design

Clinging to the contours of a forested mountainside, a limited collection of ten iconic residences crowns West Vancouver in the Uplands community. In a collaboration between British Pacific Properties and Battersby Howat, design is informed by this majestic natural environment to create an integrated living experience like no other.

Reflect on Light
and Shadow

The design team views architecture as an opportunity to connect people with the world around them. The simplicity of a dark façade invites homes to assimilate with the green landscape — this restrained approach to design enhances the visual impact.

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A Modern West Coast Existence

The architecture and interiors are holistically designed, seamlessly carrying sophistication through the open spaces, from room to room. Expansive windows pull the outdoors inward, accentuating the poetic views that stretch from a towering metropolis in the east to that point where the sun slips into the horizon in the west.

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Gordon Smith House II

Gordon Smith House II by Arthur Erickson – photo © Ezra Stoller/Esto

Arthur Erickson

Arthur Erickson

Gambier 1 by BattersbyHowat

Gambier 1 by BattersbyHowat

An Iconic Architectural

The next generation of West Coast Modern architects is imagining and designing the homes at Uplands. The idea is visionary: Bring together leading proponents of the architectural style made famous in this region to create a neighbourhood experience that is both seamless and infinitely varied.

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Collection Team

Mulgrave Park Single Family Home by BPP

The Heights of
Close Collaboration

Designing and building in this precious natural setting requires us to continually innovate – to seek new materials, to be a leader in adopting new technologies and methodologies, and to work with the best-of-the-best advisors, architects, and tradespeople from around the world.

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Mulgrave Park Single Family Home by BPP


The Peak Penthouse by BPP